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Legacy product

The Alcora uses memory stack operation and can contain up to 99 memories, any of which can be scenes or chases. The desk has comprehensive memory editing facilities including copy and paste. Memories are replayed using a single 'Go' button with timed, dip-less cross-fading between each memory. A range of chase effects including sound synchronisation come as standard.

The Alcora MK1 were grey, and the Alcora 12/24 and Alcora 24/48 were blue. The Alcora MK1 is pictured.


Part Code Name
Alcora MK1
Alcora 12/24
Alcora 24/48

Spare Parts

Part Code Name
4417000 Alcora/Elara Fader
0010211 4 pin DIN 12v PSU (UK)
PSUs for consoles with analogue outputs no longer available.