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Frog 2

Legacy product

The Frog 2 console deploys touchscreen control with the powerful ZerOS operating system to create a live performance console particularly suited to rental, busking and live show environments.

Users can page through 2000 user definable keys and 1000 faders, which may be assigned to control anything from a single channel to a group of fixtures or a complete memory. Using macros these controls can be loaded from a memory or from a cue stack as part of the running of a show. Two external touchscreens can be added to supplement the built in touchscreen for a truly user definable display.

With up to 1000 playback stacks and 2048 control channels and a powerful effects system, this desk is compact, portable, fast and powerful.

Frog 2 was manufactured from 2004-2014.

Spare Parts

Part Code Name
4905000 CR2032 3v Coin Cell Battery
1722-000006-00 60mm Fader - short tang (MFFs)
5442000 Soft Touch Fader Cap (Wide) - Black/White