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Lightmaster range

Legacy product

The Lightmaster range of consoles spanned from 1973-2002. The first ever Zero 88 console was the Lightmaster 601, launched in 1973, the year after Zero 88 was founded. The Lightmaster 690 & 691 followed in 1975. The Lightmaster 1200 was launched in 1982, and was Zero 88's first memory-based controller.

The Lightmaster XLS was discontinued in 2002.

The Lightmaster 1200, XL & XLS consoles were 2 preset consoles, with basic programming and effects functionality.

The Lightmaster XLS is pictured.


Part Code Name
Lightmaster XL
Lightmaster XLS
Lightmaster 300
Lightmaster 601
Lightmaster 611
Lightmaster 690
Lightmaster 691
Lightmaster 1200
Lightmaster 3600

Spare Parts

Part Code Name
Varta Mempac 3.6v 150mAh Battery
1722-00019-00 Lightmaster Fader