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Betapack 4


Zero88 Betapack 3 Rackmount 6 Channel Dimmer 369 P

In a 19" Rack

Betapack 4 is supplied with side brackets fitted for rack mounting.

Betapack 4 Side

On a wall

Undo the four screws ‘X’ to remove the brackets, replace the screws in the holes for future use. Stand Betapack 4 on one end. Remove the two screws ‘Y’, fit the brackets as shown and replace screws ‘Y’. Fit the other bracket on the other end.

Betapack 4 Wall Drilling

The wall drilling positions are shown. WARNING Completely fit one bracket at a time. Removal of all four screws ‘Y’ at the same time can allow the heatsink assembly to fall out! Allow a minimum vertical spacing of 130mm between packs, and between packs and other equipment. A spacing of 180mm is recommended for ease of wiring and servicing.

Betapack 4 Side

For Portable Use

The ‘Easicarry’ Kit, consisting of a handle and four feet, is included with Betapack 4. To fit, remove the brackets. Fit the handle using the screws supplied and holes ‘Z’. Fit the four feet to the other end using the holes ‘X’ and ‘Y’.

Betapack 4 Cooling


Betapack 4 is convection cooled with air flowing over the rear mounted heatsink.

Betapack 4 is convection cooled and includes a temperature sensor which monitors the internal temperature. If the temperature rises above the normal operating level the outputs are first reduced, then switched off altogether until the temperature falls back to a safe level.

The table shows how Betapack 4 will react under these conditions. (Note: The temperature shown on the display will be the actual temperature not the rounded figures given in the table).