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Configuration & Settings

Default Mode & Channel Test


If a block patch has been set, then the display will show the DMX start address of the block.

If individual DMX addresses have been set for each channel, then the ‘Up & Down’ Arrows can be used to select which DMX address to display, or alternatively if ‘Auto’ is selected, then the display will cycle through all six DMX addresses. In either case, the DMX address is prefixed by the channel number.

Holding down the ‘Enter’ button in default mode will change the display to ‘Out’, and the top 6 setup LEDs (numbered) will change to displaying an indication of the current output levels. Each LED will be lit if the current output level for that channel is greater than 20%.

While keeping the ‘Enter’ button held down in Default Mode, use the ‘Up & Down’ Arrows to set a level of 100% on a single channel. Release the ‘Enter’ button to remove this level.