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Betapack 4

Getting started

Betapack 4 Frontinfo

Betapack 4 distributes both dimming and non-dimming (“hot power”) to a mixed rig of both tungsten and LED fixtures. Each of the six channels are capable of driving up to 10 amp loads.

The dim and hot power socket for each channel share the same channel MCB. The hot power sockets are fed directly from the channel's MCB. Hot power sockets are therefore not affected by DMX control, and are on dependent on the state of the MCB. The dimmed and hot power sockets for a channel can therefore be used simultaneously, providing that the total channel load does not exceed 10 amps.

Betapack 4 features MCBs as standard. When dimming, there are preheat, topset and 3 laws per channel, 12 memories, 3 99-step sequences, local control and DMX patch per channel.

An isolated DMX512-A input and loop-through allow for remote operation. When the loop-through plug is not inserted, the DMX line is automatically terminated.

The DMX control port supports RDM (Remote Device Management) functionality.