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Chilli Pro Versions


Chilli Pro dimmers are known in the industry for being quick to install & set up, and easy to operate & maintain. Over the years, Chilli Pro has been updated to continue to improve the design. The latest version of Chilli Pro dimmers is MK3, and is the version this manual is written for.

Over the years, where possible, core parts were kept the same, and the MK1 and MK2 dimmer parts were completely interchangeable. However changes to the keypad/power PCB kits and output PCB on the MK3 are unique to this version.

Identifying Chilli Pro 24 versions

The simplest way to identify the dimmer type is by the configuration of the breakers as shown below:


MK1 & MK2

Visually there is little difference between the MK1 and MK2 versions. Both have a single metal door on the right-hand side that covers the breakers. It is only the configuration of the breakers that tells them apart. The MK1 has a single stack of 24 breakers, whereas the MK2 has the breakers split into groups of four.


The MK3 version is visually different to the MK1 & MK2. This has a door that covers the whole of the dimmer front panel and a lock on the left-hand side of the door. Breakers are then configured into two stacks of 12. The bypass variant will also have two stacks of 12 button switches below the breakers.