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Data Connections


Spice can be controlled by DMX and ChilliNet control protocols, using the appropriate data connection on the rear of the dimmer.

DMX Connections

DMX input is through a 5 pin XLR connector.

DMX output is through a 5 pin XLR connector.

If DMX termination is required set the Termination switch to the IN position


Spice dimmers can be connected to Chilli Control Panels over ChilliNet. Other legacy ChilliNet devices are also compatible. Each device has a set of network terminals or an RJ11 socket provided for connection to the Chilli network. The cable used to connect the various devices in the network must be CAT 5 (100MHz) FTP cable. All devices in the Chilli network must be connected in serial. The devices in the network can be wired in any order. A network termination resistor must be fitted at the two ends of the Chilli network.

ChilliNet Connections


Two RJ11 sockets are provided on the Spice dimmer for connection to the ChilliNet network.

This diagram shows the wiring details for the RJ11 connector. Note that only the central four pins should be connected as shown.