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The Spice dimmer is a 12 channel 3U high 19” rack mountable dimmer and is available in the following variants:

  • 12 x10 Amp Socapex
  • 12 x10 Amp Harting


  • The channels may be patched as a block or individually to the DMX.
  • Each channel has a manually adjustable output level.
  • Each channel can be set to follow one of four different dimming laws.
  • Preheat for individual channels can be set to between 0% and 20%.
  • Each channel can be topset to limit its maximum output level.
  • Twelve programmable memories using an output grab method.
  • Individual memories can be played back, when required.
  • Editable memory fade times and channel levels.
  • Three programmable sequences using the programmed memories.
  • DMX fail mode (DMX Hold, Fade to Black or Fade to Memory).
  • Reset Dimmer function.
  • DMX status indication.
  • Overheat indication and shutdown.
  • Stand alone or network modes.
  • Alarm state indication (if networked).
  • Areas assignable to channels in network mode, allowing memory and sequence playback on an area basis.
  • Lock function to prevent menu access.