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User Interface



This option puts the dimmer into ChilliNet mode so that it can be controlled remotely by other ChilliNet devices on the network, such as Chilli wall control panels, other ChilliNet Dimmers, and other legacy ChilliNet devices, all via ChilliNet messages.

For the network to function correctly each dimmer on the network must have a unique dimmer number.

Select the Chilli Net option from the top level options menu, and press the ENT key. The screen shows: 

The cursor is in the State field. Use the cursor keys to select Enabled. Press the ENT key to move the cursor to the Dimmer No field: 

Enter the dimmer number using the numeric keypad or cursor keys. Press the ENT key to confirm.

The dimmer number is checked against other dimmers on the network. The screen shows:

If the dimmer number is valid, the screen will briefly show:

If the dimmer number is already used on the network, the screen will briefly show: