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User Interface

Reset Dimmer


This option allows you to reset the dimmer to its default settings which are defined as follows:

  • All dimming laws set to Normal.
  • Preheat for all channels off (0%).
  • All memories cleared.
  • All memory fade times reset to 3s.
  • All sequences cleared.
  • Sequence crossfade reset to 1s.
  • Sequence dwell time reset to 1s.
  • DMX Fail mode - Fade to Black.
  • DMX Address set to 1.
  • DMX Input Mode - HTP Mix.
  • All Manual Control levels set to 0%.
  • All Topset levels set to 100%.
  • ChilliNet set to disabled.
  • All channels assigned to Area 1.

Select the Reset Dimmer option from the top level options menu, and press the ENT key. The screen shows: 

Press the ENT key. The screen shows:

Press the ENT key to reset the dimmer as described above. The screen returns to the main screen.