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The Spice dimmer can be programmed with up to 3 different sequences, each containing a maximum of 12 steps.

In Standard mode, each step in a sequence is a reference to one of the programmed memories in the dimmer.

In ChilliNet mode, each sequence is associated with a specific area. Each step in a sequence is a reference to a memory in that area, but the memory does not have to be programmed in the dimmer itself.

Each sequence also has a cross-fade and dwell time which determines how the sequence runs:

  • X-Fade Time - The cross-fade time is the time it takes to fade between two steps in a sequence. The default crossfade time is 1 second.
  • Dwell Time - The dwell time is the time that the outputs remain on the values in the current step of the sequence before fading to the next step. The default dwell time is 1 second.

Select the Sequences option from the top level options menu by pressing ENT

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