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The Topset function is used to apply a scaling factor to the final output level of a channel, such that the input control range gets compressed into a smaller output range.

For example - If the input level of a channel is 80% and the Topset level of the channel is 50%, the output level will be 80% x 50% = 40%.

Select the Topset option from the top level menu options, and press the ENT key to enter the Topset menu. The following two options are available:

Set Topset

This option allows you to set up a topset level (between 0 - 100%) for each of the dimmer channels.

Select the Set Topset option from the menu, and press the ENT key. The screen shows:

The cursor is shown in the Channel field. The channel number defaults to 1. Press the ENT key to move between the Channel and Level fields, and adjust the values using the numeric keypad or cursor keys.

Clear Topsets

This option allows you to clear (reset) the topset levels for all the dimmer channels to 100%.

Select the Clear Topsets option from the menu, and press the ENT key. The screen shows: 

Press the ENT key to set all the topset levels to 100%.