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Blind mode can be used to allow you to control fixtures in ZerOS, however not send those changes to the fixtures. You are therefore controlling your fixtures "blind". Blind mode is not available on FLX S consoles.

To go into Blind mode, either tap Blind at the top of the Output Window, or on FLX hold Shift and tap Z.

Take a look at the quick video for an introduction.


The Output Window and Command Bar turn grey, and the Z key will flash, to indicate blind mode is active.

Programming in Blind Mode

Changing intensities and fixture parameters within blind mode is exactly the same as normal operation, except it won’t change the lighting state on stage. It is therefore especially useful to allow you to record new cues in blind without the audience knowing, and then play them back live once recorded.

To record a cue in blind, create a lighting state using the fixture controls in the normal way. The lighting state can then be recorded to a fader by tapping Record, followed by tapping a playback's button.

Playback in Blind Mode

Programmed playbacks can be raised whilst in Blind mode and the recorded lighting state will then output live. This functionality is the same for both playbacks that have been recorded in Blind mode and playbacks that have been recorded Live (playbacks that have been recorded normally whilst not in Blind mode).

Pressing GO on a playback will continue to work like normal, even though blind mode is active.


When in Blind Mode, you can “load” a cue by holding down the playback’s Go button and typing the cue number. For example:

Go into blind mode, and then press and hold the Master Playback, and type 5:

Blind, Load Cue 0/ 5,

This will load that cue into the Blind programmer so you can view it, and make changes to it, without changing the output on stage. After loading a cue, a Prev and Next button are shown at the top of the Output Window, to allow you to easily work through the cues in the chosen playback.

After loading a cue and making changes, pressing Update will update the loaded cue automatically, and you will be taken back to Live mode.

If a cue is loaded in Blind, and you then exit Blind, the loaded cue is remembered upon next entering Blind. Pressing Clear whilst in Blind will "unload" a loaded cue.

Exiting Blind Mode

To exit blind mode, just press the Z key again (no need to hold shift), or tap Live at the top of the Output Window. Any programmer data which hasn’t been saved or cleared will be recalled when you next enter Blind Mode.