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On-screen colour faders are available on FLX consoles, and allow you to mix in RGB, CMY or HSV, irrespective of whether your fixtures use additive, subtractive, or HSV/HSI mixing.

Moving one fader automatically updates the others, meaning it doesn’t matter how your physical fixture works - as long as it has colour mixing you can use any of these methods to control its colour. Like the other ZerOS colour mixing tools, these faders will adjust all additive emitters that your fixture may have, providing a simple set of controls that will then be converted and applied to all emitters.

On FLX, the background colour of the faders automatically updates to show you the colour you’ll end up at by moving that fader.

Each fader (apart from Hue), has a button above it. The buttons take each fader to full, apart from the Temp. button, which takes the temperature fader to default.