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Mood Boards by LEE Filters


Clicking the “Mood boards by LEE Filters” tab displays a window which collates colours together in “moods”. Selecting a mood will give a selection of several colours that work well together for that mood.


Some moods have more than one selection of colours, such as “Moonlight” which has “Realistic” & “Romantic” selections. After clicking on a mood, click the "Mood boards by LEE Filters" tab again to go back to the list of mood boards.

Filter Libraries


As well as Mood boards by LEE Filters, on FLX you can also access seven different filter libraries. To access these, you can horizontally scroll the tabs along the top of the Colour window.

The available filter libraries are:

  • LEE
  • Roscolux
  • Supergel
  • e-colour+
  • Cinegel
  • GamColor
  • Apollo

Filter References


Upon choosing a colour filter, all colour mixing parameters of the selected fixtures will be taken to the values required to recreate this filter colour.

On the encoder wheels, the filter number and name will be displayed, followed by the DMX value in brackets. Upon recording filters into cues, the reference is kept, meaning that if you go into a cue, and then select the fixtures, you will be able to view the filter that is in use on the encoder wheels.

The filter reference will also be shown in the parameter details table at the bottom of the Output window, when the fixture is selected or manually adjusted.