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When fixtures with colour mixing or colour wheels are patched, colour palettes can be automatically created.

ZerOS will create the following 15 "global" automatic colour palettes, if fixtures with colour mixing capabilities are patched:

  1. White
  2. Warm White
  3. Cool White
  4. Red
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow
  7. Chartreuse
  8. Green
  9. Spring Green
  10. Cyan
  11. Azure
  12. Blue
  13. Violet
  14. Magenta
  15. Rose

These colour palettes will be available for all patched fixtures with colour mixing capabilities, and fixtures with colour wheels with a suitable slot (this is because the console compares the RGB values specified for each colour slot of colour wheels, with the RGB values of the automatic colour palettes. If the colour of a colour wheel slot is within a certain tolerance of the standard colour, the console will automatically add the relevant colour wheel slot to the relevant automatic colour palette).

This means you can select all fixtures, tap [Red], and even if you have a mix of fixtures with colour wheels and colour mixing, they'll all go red.

In addition to the "global" automatic colour palettes, the console generates an auto palette for each colour slot in each colour wheel of your patched fixtures. These palettes are labelled with the stock colour names as supplied by the fixture manufacturer, and are ordered by fixture number & colour slot position.

As well as the automatic colour palettes, you are able to program your own colour palettes, to quickly save and recall your custom colours, made by adjusting the encoders, or colour mixing features. When colour palettes are stored, they will display a colour splash preview of the saved colour on the palette tile.