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Controlling Fixtures



If you are unsure which fixture is which, the easiest way to see which fixtures you are controlling is to “home” them. This will set the fixture’s colour, beam, shape and position parameters to the same values as “Default”, but with an intensity of 100%. After selecting a fixture(s), press the Home button. This will send the fixture(s) to its ‘home’ values.

The Home button is found top left of the internal touchscreen on FLX and FLX S consoles. Home is an icon on the touchscreen on FLX S, whereas Home is a physical button on FLX.

Take a quick look at this video for an introduction to Home.

Homing Attributes

On FLX, you can Home individual attributes, by holding Home and pressing an attribute key. For example:

Home + Colour


If you keep the Home key held, you can tap Colour then Beam, to home both Colour and Beam attributes.

You can also press and hold an attribute key, and then press Home. For example:

Colour + Home


Homing the Effect attribute is particularly useful for removing all effects from the selected fixtures:

Effect + Home


You can also use the syntax "attribute 0 Enter" to home that attribute. For example:

Colour 0 Enter

Colour 0,

Homing Parameters

To home an individual parameter, press and hold Home, and tap the button in the middle of a parameter's encoder wheel. This sends just the chosen parameter back to its Home values.

For example, if you are currently in the Position attribute, you could press and hold Home and tap the second encoder button to Home Tilt. The following would be displayed in the command line:

Home [Tilt],

Custom Home Values

The Home values can be edited for individual fixtures, or groups of fixtures as required, to allow you to customise what the fixture does when it is selected and Home is pressed.

You can do this, by firstly adjusting the fixture's parameters to the values you wish them to be when homed. For information on how to adjust parameters, see each of the attribute sections for Intensity, Colour, Beam, Shape and Position.


Once the fixture's parameters are at the levels you wish to become the fixture's home, you can press Record, and then tap Home. You can then choose Home from the window that opens.

As this is a normal record command, this means that normal Record options apply. The Record Options can be opened on the internal touchscreen by pressing and holding Record. In most cases when customising Home values, you will need to ensure that the SmartTag option in the Record Options is disabled.

Removing Custom Home Values


To remove custom default values, and revert back to the console defaults, tap Delete Home, and then choose Home. This action can't be undone.