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Controlling Fixtures

Max Level

Parameter Max Levels

The Max Level (or, “topset”) for each parameter is the maximum value which can be reached when adjusting the fixture using the wheels, command line, etc. This is set to a default value of 100%, meaning you have full control of every parameter.

Custom Max Levels

The Max Level values can however be edited for individual fixtures, or groups of fixtures as required, to allow you to customise the maximum level a parameter can go to. Useful if you only want a dimmer channel to go to 50% for example.

You can do this, by firstly adjusting the fixture's parameters to the maximum values you wish them to be able to go to. For information on how to adjust parameters, see each of the attribute sections for Intensity, Colour, Beam, Shape and Position.


Once the fixture's parameters are at their maximum levels, you can press Record, and then tap Home. The Home button is found top left of the internal touchscreen on FLX and FLX S consoles, however Home is an icon on the touchscreen on FLX S, whereas Home is a physical button on FLX. You can then choose Max Level from the window that opens.


When setting a max level on intensities, this will be indicated in the Output Window, by a line above that fixture's intensity.

In the image to the left, fixture 13 and 14 have a max level set of 50%. Therefore setting the fixture to full takes them to 50%, and setting them to 50% takes them to 25%.

If you wanted to limit fixture 1 to 50% intensity, you could therefore use the syntax below...

1 @ 5 0 Record Home Max Level

As this is a normal record command, this means that normal Record options apply. The Record Options can be opened on the internal touchscreen by pressing and holding Record. In most cases when customising Max Levels, you will need to ensure that the SmartTag option in the Record Options is disabled.

Removing Custom Max Level Values


To remove custom Max Level values, and revert back to the console defaults, tap Delete Home, and then choose Max Level. This action can't be undone.