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Controlling Fixtures


Auto Position

Parameters that can control the movement of your fixture, live under the Position attribute. Typically, this will be your Pan and Tilt parameters for moving lights, however you may see other parameters too, such as Pan/Tilt speed control.

Pan and Tilt will always be on the first two encoder wheels within the Position attribute. If there are more than four Position parameters available, tapping Position will page encoders three and four only.

Automatically creating position palettes, will create a single "Home Position" palette, for all of your fixtures. This can be used to set their Pan and Tilt to 50%.

Position palettes are incredibly useful, to allow you to build up your own palettes to quickly move your lights to different pre-defined locations.

Pantilt Grid

Pan/Tilt Grid

The Pan/Tilt grid gives you a touch based input method of controlling Pan and Tilt. The horizontal axis is “pan” and the vertical axis is “tilt”. The + symbol indicates the current position values for the selected fixture. If multiple fixtures are selected, multiple + will be displayed. You can select multiple fixtures and “fan” them across the Pan / Tilt Grid by using two fingers and multi-touch. The first selected fixture (defined by the order of selection) will be at your first finger, the last selected fixture will be at your second finger, and all the ones in-between will spread between these two points.

Fanning Position

When controlling the position of multiple fixtures at once, Fanning is a very useful tool to quickly send different Pan/Tilt values to your currently selected fixtures. To fan your pan or tilt values across your fixtures, press and hold Shift, and dial either the Pan or Tilt encoders.

There are four fan options that can be chosen.

Fan Middle is useful if you have a row of movers, and wish to fan their Pan symmetrically, to send your fixtures in to centre stage, or out to the wings.

Fan V is useful if you wish to fan the tilt of your fixtures.