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Cues & Playbacks

Lighting “states” (or “scenes”) can be pre-recorded, ready to be recalled later. They are called “cues”, and are recorded onto “playbacks”. 

Each playback can store a single cue, or multiple cues. FLX supports 241 playbacks, FLX S48 supports 97 playbacks and FLX S24 supports 49 playbacks. All consoles can store a total of 10,000 cues across the playbacks.

Traditionally, playbacks with a single cue have often been referred to as “submasters” whereas playbacks with multiple cues have often been referred to as “cue stacks”. This manual will simply call them “playbacks”. Playbacks will have a fader, and a button to control them. The buttons below the faders are “Go” buttons when several cues are recorded onto the playbacks. If a single cue is recorded on a playback, the button acts as a “Flash” function. This can be configured in the Playback Settings.

Playbacks can be accessed on the MFFs (multi-functional faders), by ensuring the Fader Funct. button is toggled to Playbacks. You can then use the page button, to page through your playbacks. FLX has 10 pages of playbacks, whereas FLX S24 and FLX S48 have 2 pages. To see which playbacks your faders are currently controlling, you can view the Faders window.

Take a look at the training session below, discussing Programming Cues Onto Playbacks...