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Cues & Playbacks

Cue Settings


Every cue recorded on the console, will have settings available for it. To access a cue's settings, tap the "Add" button under the Settings column for that cue in the Cues window.


After clicking "Add" the Cue Settings window will open, with the cue number and name displayed at the top.


The Trigger drop-down option allows you to change what’s going to trigger this cue to run. By default, this is “Go”.


The Next field, allows you to type in the cue number which automatically gets selected after this cue is executed. This functionality is very useful if a scene is “cut” from the show – you can tell ZerOS to skip the cues in that scene and jump straight to a different cue. If this field is empty, ZerOS will automatically select cues sequentially. This is sometimes referred to as a "Jump Cue".

When a Next cue is entered, the Settings button for the cue in the Cues window will then display "Next:x", where x is the next cue to run.


When in the Cue Settings of the last cue in a playback, a "Loop Playback" button will be shown. When enabled, indicated with a red stripe, the first cue in the playback will automatically become the next cue, when the last cue in the playback is triggered.

Move On Dark Settings

On the left of the window, are buttons which can be used to configure the Move On Dark behaviour for this cue.


This option allows you to automatically trigger or release other playbacks, or run macros, by executing this cue.


Clicking Cleanup..., will display Combine Parts Remove Complex Times and Cancel options. You will only need these, if you are working with a show file that has been programmed on an Orb series ZerOS console. Orb series consoles have the ability to program part cues and complex timings. After loading in the show file, you have the ability to combine any part cues, and remove any complex timings that may have been programmed on the Orb console.