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Cues & Playbacks

Master Playback

In addition to the playbacks on the MFFs, an additional Master Playback is provided. For many shows, especially theatrical, a single playback is often used with a long list of pre-recorded cues. The Master Playback can therefore be used for these situations. The Master Playback is sometimes referred to as “Playback 0” within the ZerOS software.

The Master Playback is always accessible - it doesn’t change function with the Fader Funct. button, so you can access it in both Channels and Playbacks, and don't need to worry about what page your faders are on.

The key thing to bear in mind is there’s nothing special or different about the Master Playback compared to the other playbacks, it is just there for convenience.

On FLX there’s a double-width  (play/go) button and a dedicated ▌▌ (pause) button.

On FLX S24 and FLX S48 the Master Playback has a quieter  (play/go) button.

On ZerOS Server, the Master Playback button is the   (play/go) button next to the Setup key. When running as FLX, the   (play/go) button always controls the Master Playback, however when running as an ORB range console, the   (play/go) button will control the currently selected stack. The selected stack can be changed using STACK x ENTER syntax.