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Move On Dark

Move On Dark is a feature that allows ZerOS to prepare lights ready for when they are next used. When Move On Dark is enabled for a playback, if a fixture goes dark (it’s intensity falls to zero, or the shutter is closed), ZerOS will look ahead in the playback to upcoming cues to see what values the colour, beam, shape and position parameters are next programmed at for that fixture. It will then output those programmed values after the fixture has gone dark (according to the Move On Dark delay and fade times). When the fixture comes back on again in a later cue, the Colour, Beam, Shape and Position parameters will already be at their correct values and just the intensity will fade up or the shutter open. Although this is called Move On Dark, this isn't just for position parameters - this is for Colour, Beam and Shape too.


By default Move On Dark will be enabled, but can be disabled in the playback settings. When disabled, ZerOS will not prepare fixtures. This means upon going into a cue that includes intensity, colour, beam, shape or position information, you will see the colour, beam, shape or position information transition to the programmed values as the intensity fades in.

Fade Time

The Move On Dark Fade Time is the time it takes for the fixture's parameters to move to the values that they are in the next cue they're used. The default is 3 seconds, as this keeps larger older moving lights quieter when being prepared for when they're next used.

Delay Time

When a fixture goes dark, the Move On Dark Delay Time can be used to delay the fixtures, prior to them fading to their values using the fade time. The default is 1 seconds, meaning when a fixture goes dark, it waits a second, and then fades to the values required for the upcoming cue.

Flx Cues Desktop

The Move On Dark timings are displayed in the Playback Status bar at the bottom of the Cues window on the external monitor.

The Output Window will indicate which fixtures are being prepared by Move On Dark for when they're next used. Upon going into a cue which is able to move attributes for when they're next used, any fixtures that will be moved on dark will have a grey background around their intensity percentage.

This grey background will remain present throughout the fade down of the cue, the Move On Dark Delay, and the Move On Dark fade. The grey background will then disappear, indicating the fixtures are now ready for when they're next used.


In this image, fixture 13 is currently being prepared by Move On Dark.

Don’t Move Attributes

This option allows you to disable a specific attribute from moving in dark across the whole playback. By default, only “Don’t Move Effect” will be enabled, indicated with a red stripe.

If an attribute is allowed to Move On Dark for a playback, attributes can be prevented from being Move On Dark in individual cues, using the Move/Don't Move options in the settings of each cue.

If an attribute is set to Don't Move for a playback, attributes can be forced to Move On Dark in individual cues, using the Move/Don't Move options in the settings of each cue.

Watch the Move On Dark training session here...