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Playing Back Cues


If at any time you wish to pause a cue while it is running, you can use the pause function. This will pause the cue's fade time transition. It will not pause playback Raise/Lower times.

Pause is a button function that can be chosen within the Playback Settings.

Often, users will set Pause to be the “shifted” function of the playback button, which can be set as a default option so you don’t need to change every playback. After the initial press of the pause button, subsequent presses will step backwards through the playback. To continue running the playback, press the Go key.

On FLX, the Master Playback includes a dedicated pause key || above the Go button and next to the master fader.

Holding down Shift and pressing the Pause key || will snap to the previous cue (on the Master Playback only, due to the dedicated Pause key).