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Playing Back Cues

Triggering & Releasing Playbacks

By default, raising a playback‚Äôs fader will automatically trigger the first cue within the playback. Lowering the fader, will by default automatically release the playback.


Once you have finished playing back cues it is important to release the playback. This stops the playback having any further control over the fixtures. When you lower a fader, the playback is automatically released.

You can also manually release a playback by holding Clear and pressing the Go button of the playback.

To release all the playbacks (and UDKs on FLX), except the Master Playback, hold Clear and press the Fader Funct. button. To manually release the Master Playback, hold Clear and press the Go button of the Master Playback.

On Solution consoles, you can press and hold Clear and tap Memories to release all playbacks except the Master Playback.

On ORB consoles you have some further options for releasing:

  • Shift + Release - Releases all Playbacks & UDKs
  • Release + Stack - Releases all Playbacks
  • Clear + Fader Funct. - Releases all Playbacks EXCEPT the Master Playback
  • Sub <Playback Number> Release - Releases the individual Playback via syntax