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Cues & Playbacks

Record Options

Before diving in and programming cues, it is useful to know the Record Options you have available to you. These affect which fixtures, attributes, and parameters get stored into your cues, and in fact everything that you program on the console. This means if you have a lighting state on stage you wish to record, it could look very different when played back, depending on the Record Options that were set when you recorded the lighting state.

Record options are especially important when recording cues.

By default, when Record is pressed the Record Options window will open on the external monitor. If you do not have an external monitor connected, you can press and hold Record to open the Record Options on the internal touchscreen.

You can change when and where the Record Options window opens, in Setup -> Settings, and using the Show Record & Update Window options under Record & Update.


By default, the Record Options will have two options enabled, which will be enabled for everything you program. These are "SmartTag", and "Cue Only", indicated with a red stripe on their button. These options, ensure that the lighting state you see on stage is exactly what is recorded, and therefore exactly what you get when played back. This is done by the console deciding which fixtures to include, and which ones to ignore.

You therefore don't need to specify what gets recorded, and you can leave the console to do the job for you. If you are happy with this method of working, you can skip over the rest of this section.

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