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Record Options

Record Filters


There are three different filters in the Record Options, which can be used to define what gets recorded. These will be greyed out if SmartTag is enabled, as the console will be choosing what gets recorded, and greyed out if "Snapshot" is enabled, as the console will store everything.

The filters available are "Fixtures", "Parameters" and "Attributes".


By default, Tagged Fixtures will be chosen, indicated with a red stripe, meaning any fixtures that you have adjusted, or "tagged" will get stored. Remember tagged parameters are indicated as red intensities in the Output Window, and parameters with a blue encoder background in the encoder displays.

Instead, you can choose Selected Fixtures, meaning only the currently selected fixtures will be recorded. This is very useful, as it allows you to choose exactly which fixtures get recorded.

For example if there is just one fixture you don't want to record, you could type the following:

Enter Enter Except 5 Record Selected Fixtures 1 0 Enter

Enter Enter, Except 5, Record 10

This would record the current lighting state except fixture 5, to cue 10 in the currently viewed playback.


By default, Tagged Parameters will be chosen, meaning only tagged parameters will get recorded. However choosing All Parameters will tag all parameters, obeying the "Fixtures" filter. This is therefore useful for recording all parameters of just the selected fixtures.


When Tagged Parameters is chosen, this can be filtered further using Attributes filters. Each attribute is listed, and can be switched between a blue stripe (no parameters within this attribute will be recorded), red stripe (only tagged parameters within this attribute will be recorded) and green stripe (all parameters within this attribute will be recorded). By default, after tapping Record you will see attributes that are not currently tagged with a blue stripe, and any attributes that have been tagged with a red stripe.