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Updating Cues

Update Options


After tapping Update, the update options window will open on the external monitor, to allow you to choose what gets added, or removed, from the cue you are updating. To open the Update Options on the internal touchscreen, press and hold Update.

The top of the Update Options window, will display all palettes and cues currently active, with the cue you are currently in selected, indicated with a red stripe. In most cases, you therefore do not need to adjust this, as the console will always default to update the cue you are working on. If you click on your active cue, this will deselect it. You can then click the Selected Stack button, to reselect it.

Tracking Options

The Update Tracking Options are exactly the same options as found in the Record Options window, however they can also be accessed from here.


The default Update method, is Merge. This means parameters that are tagged, will get added to your cue. However, you can choose Remove.

Remove will mean any parameters that are currently tagged, will be removed from the cue. This is therefore a useful tool to remove parameters, attributes, or whole fixtures from a cue. SmartTag must be disabled, to allow you to use the Remove tool. Ensure the SmartTag button has a blue stripe, meaning disabled.

To remove a whole fixture, select it, and press Home. This is a quick way of tagging all its parameters, and you will then be able to tap Update Remove, to remove the fixture from the cue. To remove a whole attribute on FLX, select your fixture, and then hold Clear and tap the attribute key, such as Colour, to tag all of that attribute's parameters.

As well as choosing Update Remove, Remove is also available in the Record Options. You can therefore also tap Record, type your cue number, choose Remove, and press that cue's playback button to remove tagged parameters from the defined cue.

Update References

If you go into a cue, and tweak fixture's parameters, you can then update the cue with these changes. However, if your fixture's parameters were referencing a palette, changing their values will have now broken the reference. If you wish to update the palette as well as update the cue, and therefore reinstate the palette reference into the cue, the palettes can be updated at the same time as the cue by enabling the Update References button, saving you needing to update the palettes manually first.


The attribute filters along the bottom of the Update Options, allow you to choose which attributes get included, and which don't.