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Desktops & Windows

External Desktops

The external monitor connected to FLX, FLX S48 or ZerOS Server, can display one of four different desktops. These desktops are pre-defined layouts of various different windows.

When the External Monitor setting is enabled, your Viewbutton will cycle you through the desktops on the external monitor. If using a touchscreen or you have a mouse connected, you can simply click on the desktop button from bottom right of the external monitor.

As well as the external monitor displaying one of these desktops, an unlimited number of remote connections can also display these desktops.

Desktops can be viewed using the ZerOS Monitor apps for Windows, iOS or Android.

Flx Cues Desktop

"Cues" desktop

The Cues desktop shows the Output Window in the top half, and the Cues window in the bottom half.

Flx Faders Desktop

“Fader” desktop

The Faders desktop shows the Output Window in the top half, and the Multi-Function Faders window in the bottom half.

Flx Palettes Desktop

“CBSP” desktop

The CBSP desktop or "Palettes" desktop shows the four attribute windows (Colour, Beam, Shape and Position) in each corner.

Flx Groups Desktop

"Grp, FX, Colour" desktop

The Groups, Effects and Colour desktop, displays a Group window top left, Effects window top right, and then two colour windows at the bottom, allowing for two methods of colour control to be used and viewed simultaneously.