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FLX S Touchscreen

Flxs24 Output Window

Along the top of the FLX S touchscreen are six square icons. Additional tabs (e.g. colour, position and effect controls) will appear and disappear to the right of these depending on the capabilities of the fixtures you’re currently controlling. The currently selected button is highlighted in blue.

See below for information on the six icons:

Save – FLX S automatically saves you’re work internally, indicated by a green icon. Press this icon to save to an external USB drive.

Home fixtures – this function key is only available if there are fixtures selected. See the section on “Home” for more information.

Output window – this window displays each fixture and its current intensity as a percentage. See the Output Window section to learn more.

Cue list window – this window displays the list of cues on a specific playback, ready to be progressed by pressing the GO button. See the Cues Window section to learn more.

Faders window – this window displays the current functionality of the 24 or 48 faders on the left hand side of the console. See the Faders Window section to learn more.

Groups window – this window is used to select fixtures that are often used together. Groups can be automatically or manually created. See the Groups section to learn more.