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Programming Effect Palettes

After applying auto effects, and adjusting the effect parameters, you can record your own custom effect palette, in the same way you record other palettes. FLX can store 240 effect palettes, FLX S48 can store 96 effect palettes, and FLX S24 can store 48 effect palettes.

Therefore configure your effect parameters including offset options, tap Record, and choose an empty effect palette to store to marked with an asterisk.

If you are recording multiple auto effects into a single effect palette, upon recalling your custom effect palette, you will no longer be able to adjust the parameters of each individual effect palette. You will instead simply have the Speed, Size, Offset and Rotation parameters to adjust your effect.

When you store an effect palette, by default you only store the Speed, Size, Offset and Rotation controls of that effect. Therefore if you have applied an effect, but also adjusted intensity, colour, beam, shape and position, by default these attributes will not get stored in the effect palette too. If you wish to store all attributes into an effect palette, hold Shift and tap Record, and then choose an empty palette to store to.