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Automatic Groups

Auto Create Groups

ZerOS consoles can automatically generate a group for each type of fixture you have, plus ‘odd’, ‘even’, “1st half” and “2nd half” groups for each different fixture type. Each different type of fixture will therefore have five automatic groups available.

These are very useful to quickly grab control of different selections of fixtures. The 1st and 2nd half groups are often useful for Stage Left and Stage Right splits.

To create the automatic groups, view the Groups window and choose “Automatically create groups”.

When groups are selected, they will be highlighted in the Groups window. Selecting “All – Dimmers” will also highlight “Odd – Dimmers”, “Even – Dimmers” etc, as by selecting “All – Dimmers” you are also selecting these. All automatic groups automatically store the intensities of those fixtures at 100%. Double tapping a group, will therefore send all the fixtures included in the group to 100%.

Batten Groups


If you have multicell battens patched, or any fixtures that have multiple light sources arranged linearly, you will have an additional set of five groups, meaning you have 10 groups for each type of batten.

The first set of five automatic groups, will be "normal" groups that you receive for any patched fixtures. The additional five automatic groups, will have "CELLS" added to the group name. These select the cells of the fixtures, rather than the whole fixtures. Therefore the Odd and Even groups for example, select the odd and even cells of the battens, rather than the odd and even battens.

The standard "All" automatic group for battens, are useful for fanning colours or effects across battens, where each whole batten is the same colour. The "All" CELLS automatic group for battens, are useful for fanning colours of effects across the individual cells of all battens.