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Deleting Groups

To delete a group, press Delete followed by touching the specific group .

The desk will ask you to confirm this action before the command is executed. Once deleted, a group cannot be recovered but can be recreated manually if required.

On FLX, Groups can also be deleted using syntax by typing one of the following commands:

Group 4 2 Delete

Group 42 Delete,

This deletes Group 42

Delete Group 7 Enter

Delete Group 7,

This deletes Group 7

Delete Group touch group

This deletes whichever group you touch on the touch screen. You do not need to press the “group” button if the groups window is already displayed.

With syntax, you can also use the And, Thru and Except keys to delete multiple groups. For example:

Delete Group 1 Thru 6 Except 4 Enter

Delete Group 1 Thru 6 Except 4,

Deletes groups 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.

Delete Group 1 And 5 Enter

Delete Group 1 And 5,

Deletes groups 1 and 5.