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Recording Groups

You can create your own groups of fixtures, eg Blinders, FOH movers, PARs on LX3 etc. Simply select the fixtures which you wish to be in the group (using either the channel buttons or syntax), ensure you are viewing the groups window and then press Record followed by touching an empty group. This records whichever group you touch on the touch screen. Individual cells of multicell fixtures can also be recorded into groups, as well as whole fixtures.

When groups are recorded, they will be automatically given a name, based on what’s been recorded into them. This name can however be customised. Click here to find out how to name Groups.

On FLX, groups can also be recorded using syntax, along with opening the Groups window during the command, rather than before. Select the fixtures which you wish to be in the group and then type either:

Record Group 1 5 Enter

Record Group 15

This records Group 15.

Record Group touch group

This records whichever group you touch on the touch screen. You do not need to press the “group” button if the groups window is already displayed.

Intensity Groups

If the selected fixtures have an intensity value, this will also get stored within the group – this is called an “Intensity Group”. If there is no intensity value present, those channels will get stored at 100%.

Only fixtures that are currently selected will be recorded into the group, even if other fixtures have intensity values.

Selection Order

As well as the selection and the intensities, groups record the order the fixtures were selected in. This is useful when offsetting effects across selections of fixtures or, on FLX, when using the next / previous keys within Highlight.

If controlling fixtures with the channel faders, fixtures will automatically select in the order you raised the faders.

If you wish to select a range of a fixtures using the channel buttons, press and hold the first fixture's channel button, and tap the button of the fixture you wish to be the last in the selection. The range of fixtures will select. If you wish to have a reverse order, instead press and hold the last fixture's channel button, and tap the first.

For example on FLX, the following three commands would record three slightly different groups, despite all containing the same fixtures:

1 Thru 4, Record Group 1

4 Thru 1, Record Group 2

2 Thru 4, And 1, Record Group 3