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Referencing Intensity Groups

Intensities can be stored in groups, and recalled by double tapping a group, or by using Intensity Group syntax on FLX.

When a fixture is taken to its full level within an Intensity Group, and then recorded into a cue, ZerOS references the value back to the group’s intensity, not the raw intensity values. So if the intensities in the group are updated, any cues that were recorded using that group, will automatically be updated to the new intensity too.

This is sometimes referred to as Intensity Palettes. Therefore on ZerOS, Groups and Intensity palettes are combined.


Upon recalling an intensity group, the reference is displayed on the intensity encoder wheel. For example recalling the intensities of group 1, which contains fixture's at 50%, would display "I1 (50)", where I1 stands for Intensity palette 1, and the raw intensity percentage is displayed in brackets.