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Using groups via touch

Using the built-in touch screen, you can select and deselect groups directly just by touching them.

Touching multiple groups will select all of those groups. ZerOS will keep adding to the selection until another command is entered (like changing the intensity or selecting a palette). After that, those channels will remain selected until you press on another group, which will start the selection again. On FLX, the previous channels being deselected can be avoided by typing And first, and then selecting another group(s).

Intensity Groups can be recalled by double-tapping a group on the touch screen. This also selects the fixtures within that group. If all fixtures are already at the Intensity Group levels, double-tapping the group will turn the intensities off (0%). 

Single Select and Multi-Select

On FLX and FLX S48, there are two Group Selection modes available - “Single Select” and “Multiple Select”, selectable via the buttons along the top of the Groups window when viewed on the external monitor.

In Single Select, only one group can be selected at a time. Selecting a group will deselect any other channels, unless syntax commands are used. And and Except keys are shown on the touchscreen for convenience and work identically to their equivalent front panel keys on FLX.

When Multiple Select is active, touching multiple groups will act as described above, under “Using groups via touch”.

The Clear Selection button is highlighted blue when there are channels selected. Pressing it will deselect them all.