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This manual

This online manual describes the operation of each of the FLX range lighting control consoles and accessories running the ZerOS operating software. It will also include tips for other consoles running ZerOS, such as Solution consoles.

For an overview of the Zero 88 Online Manuals, take a look at this video.

For detailed information on each function, the manual has been divided into chapters - one for each major area, which can be navigated using the menu on the left-hand side. You can also search the manual using the search bar top right.

Each section or whole chapters can be exported to PDF by tapping "PDF", found just below the search bar. The whole manual can be exported as a PDF, by tapping "PDF" at the top page of the manual.

As each FLX range console is different, you can use the filter top right of the manual, so you only see the information relevant to your console.

Zero 88 online manuals are updated regularly to ensure you have all the relevant information and useful tips. Check out the Revisions section to see what has been added. If you see something that doesn't look right, or have suggestions, please send us an email to


Throughout this manual the following conventions are used:

References to physical front panel controls and buttons appear within a solid border, for example:


References to “soft buttons”, which appear on the monitor, are displayed in italics, within a dotted border, as follows: 

Defaults -> Playback Defaults -> Move On Dark -> Disabled