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Software Introduction


ZerOS is the operating software installed on all FLX Range consoles. It is regularly updated to bring new features and to keep your console stable and secure. Software updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from It is strongly recommended to always be running the latest release of ZerOS.

As well as the FLX range of consoles, other Zero 88 consoles also run ZerOS. This manual will therefore also be applicable to other consoles running ZerOS too:

Current ZerOS Consoles:

Legacy ZerOS Consoles:

Phantom ZerOS

Phantom ZerOS is free software to download onto any Windows 10 PC, and can emulate any ZerOS console. Show files can be loaded, saved and transferred to “real” consoles, useful to setup your show, or make slight changes while you’re not at the console.

ZerOS Library

At the heart of ZerOS is “ZerOS Library” – our comprehensive library which includes fixture definitions and details about colour, gobo images and position information enabling ZerOS to present a unified set of controls, regardless of the fixture being controlled. ZerOS Library is automatically updated with every ZerOS operating software update, however it can also be updated independently if required.


Wireless apps can be used to remotely control and monitor ZerOS consoles, available for free on iOS and Android phones and tablets, along with Windows laptops and PCs. "ZerOS Remote" enables wireless control of your rig, allowing you to manipulate, control and playback your shows. "ZerOS Monitor" emulates a wireless additional external touchscreen monitor.