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FLX range consoles are designed to be relatively maintenance free, however a few simple steps can prolong the life of your hardware.

Cleaning the surface

Every month or so, gently wipe down the front panel with a nonabrasive, non-corrosive surface cleaner applied with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the touchscreen

The internal touchscreen can be cleaned with standard screen cleaning wipes designed for computer screens, tablets and smart phones.

Cleaning the faders

A can of compressed air can be used to clear our dust from the fader tracks. Do NOT use an oil based lubricant (such as WD-40) on faders as this will cause irreparable damage to your console.

Transportation & storage

Care should be taken when transporting your console. Zero 88 are able to supply flight cases for the transportation of their consoles – the cardboard box which your console was supplied in is intended only for one or two journeys and should not be relied upon to keep the console safe for prolonged use.

Operating environments

Always observe the operating environment information in the Mechanical Information. If this environment is exceeded, it is likely that damage will occur to your console.

Internal battery (FLX & ZerOS Server only)

The internal battery keeps the console’s time & date correct and requires replacing every 3 - 5 years. The console should give you a warning at startup if the battery is running low, however it is good practice to replace it after this length of time anyway.

Please contact a Zero 88 support agent for details on servicing the console.