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Example Systems


This system shows the FLX console with two ZerOS Wings connected via USB. Legs are available to ensure the Wings are the correct height when used behind the FLX.

An Ethernet switch connects the console to a laptop running Phantom ZerOS with an Unlock Dongle. This backs up every key press and can automatically take over so you can continue exactly where you were. Using a wireless router would allow mobile devices to be connected too.

An EtherN.8 RDM is connected to this system to convert Art-Net or sACN to DMX (EtherN.8 has been superseded by the Gateway 8 Ethernet to DMX gateway). The eight outputs can be individually configured to output any of the four universes.


This system shows a laptop running Phantom ZerOS with an Unlock Dongle. The console is connected to an EtherN.2 RDM to output two universes of DMX. EtherN.2 has been superseded by the Gateway 4 Ethernet to DMX gateway.

Gateway 4 can be powered via “Power-over-Ethernet” (PoE) if required. A USB Wing is also used in this system, giving physical controls to the software package. The button below each of the 24 faders can be used as individual GO buttons.


This system shows another tracking back up system, this time with two consoles staying in-sync. These could be physically next to each other, or in different areas of a venue. An EtherN.8 RDM is being used to convert to DMX, but any other Art-Net or sACN gateways, such as Gateway 8, could be used too.

This system also includes a Media Server connected to the network. There are many servers available, some with dedicated hardware, others software based.


This system shows another tracking backup system, this time with a Server unit for the backup. This can be rack mounted, and could have a ZerOS Wing connected to it if faders were required. The space bar on a USB keyboard acts as the Master Go button.

This system also includes two EtherN.2 RDMs, which could be wall mounted in two different locations within the venue. EtherN.2 has been superseded by the Gateway 4 Ethernet to DMX gateway.


In this example, FLX S48 is connected to a laptop over Ethernet running ZerOS Remote Monitor, allowing for not only a remote desktop, but remote control of FLX S48. The laptop could be next to FLX S48, or elsewhere in the venue. It could be connected to the network over WiFi, to allow for a wireless remote. If the laptop/PC had a touchscreen, this could be used rather than a mouse/keyboard. Multiple instances of the ZerOS Remote Monitor software may be run on the laptop/PC, allowing for multiple desktops to be viewed at once.

In this example FLX S48 currently doesn’t have a physical monitor connected from the DVI output, as everything can be seen from the internal touchscreen or remote monitors.


In this example, FLX S24 is connected to 2 laptops running ZerOS Remote Monitor, allowing for multiple external desktops, and remote control of FLX S24 from different locations. The laptops are connected via a wireless router over Ethernet, however could also be connected over WiFi.

The wireless router allows for other devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to also be connected to the FLX S24 wirelessly. ZerOS Remote & Monitor apps are free for both Android & iOS devices, and allow for remote control, and extra external desktops.


In this example, as well as the built-in internal touchscreen, FLX has 3 monitors connected, plus 2 remotes. An HD DVI touchscreen is connected behind the console, which can view any desktop. A laptop is connected to FLX over Ethernet, via a wireless router, and is running ZerOS Remote Monitor, to allow it to view any desktop. Wirelessly, an iPad is connected (Android tablets also supported), running the ZerOS Monitor app, viewing a different desktop. This allows for the desktop to be viewed anywhere in the venue with a Wi-Fi connection. An additional 2 smart phones (iOS & Android) are also connected to the network wirelessly, running the ZerOS Remote app for remote control. There is no limit to the number of remote monitors that may be connected simultaneously.