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Using the Remote Apps

To use the Remote apps, you must connect your device such as your phone, tablet or laptop to the same network as your console. Your device will then be able to remotely control the console, and you will be able to view various windows remotely.

Build your network

The simplest way of doing this, is using a single Ethernet cable (for example CAT5 or CAT5e patch cable) between your console and a standard wireless router, like the one you may find at home.

The Zero 88 team use NetGear N300 wireless routers, however any should work with your console. Ensure you plug the CAT5/5e cable into one of the "Ethernet" ports of the router.

Do not connect your console to a network that has Internet access. ZerOS consoles should be used on dedicated show networks.

Enable the Remote on your console

After doing this, you can enable the remote connection on your console. To do this tap

Setup -> Devices, and enable the remote.

By default Security will be enabled. The Remote password can be changed, or removed. For the simplest setup, under the Remote IP address options, choose DHCP. This means the router will assign the console and remote device an IP address automatically, to ensure they can talk to each other. If you wish to input a static IP address, manually enter a static IP address.

Get the app

Once you have done this you will need to download the ZerOS app onto your device.

If you're on an iOS device...

If you're on an Android device...

If you're on PC...

Connect your device to the same network as your console

After doing this, you can then connect your device to the wireless router's Wi-Fi network. If the wireless router is in its default setting, the network name (SSID) and password should be found on the bottom of the router somewhere.

On your device, tap the Settings app -> Wi-Fi -> Choose the Wireless router from the list of available networks. You will then need to enter your router's password (Network Key).

Open the app

When you have connected your device to the router and enabled the Remote on the console, open the ZerOS Remote or ZerOS Monitor app on your device. Your console should appear in the list.


This picture shows the ZerOS Remote app on iPhone, with detected consoles shown in the list.


This picture shows the ZerOS Monitor app on iPad, with detected consoles shown in the list.

You can then click on your console to connect. If your console has a password, you can then enter this to connect to your console. By default the password is "zeros" however you can change this on the console, or disable the password.


When you connect to a console with the ZerOS Remote app, you will be presented with a Syntax pad that you can use to control your console.


When you connect to a console with the ZerOS Monitor app, you can then choose which of the console's desktops you wish to view.


Using the ZerOS Remote app, you can then use the page chooser at the bottom of the app, to view any window on the console, including remotely controlling the encoder wheels.


When connected to your console with the Monitor app, you can choose which desktop you view using the desktop chooser bottom right of the display. Every Monitor can be viewing a different desktops, allowing you to easily add multiple touchscreen displays to your console.