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ZerOS Network Settings

Every Ethernet protocol on ZerOS, will have its own network settings available to it. This is because ZerOS creates virtual network interfaces for each protocol in use on the console, meaning the console isn't limited to just one set of network settings.


Every protocol can be configured to use either the console's DHCP address, or to use a static IP address.


When DHCP is chosen for a network protocol, that protocol will use the IP, Subnet Mask and Router addresses assigned to the console from a DHCP server on the network. If there is no DHCP server on the network, do not use this option. When DHCP is enabled, a "Renew Lease" button will appear. Pressing this will send a request to the DHCP server, which will issue your console with a new lease for the lease duration configured on your DHCP server.


When you choose "Static IP Address", a IP, Subnet, and Router field will become available, allowing you to manually configure the protocol's network settings.

Phantom ZerOS


If using Phantom ZerOS, the network settings for each protocol will show you the available IP addresses of each NIC (network interface controller) of your PC. For example, the Ethernet port's IP, and your laptop's Wi-Fi IP. You will also see an IP of This is your PC's loopback IP, used to allow Phantom ZerOS to communicate with other software packages on the PC, such as visualisation software.