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Recording Palettes

To record a palette (for example, a colour palette), firstly adjust the parameters of the fixtures as required (for example, set all your lights to red). Then tap Record, and if you are not viewing the required palette window (for example, Colour) for the attribute you wish to record, use the attribute button to bring it into view. Then touch an empty palette, indicated by an asterisk.

This process is the same for all palettes.

On FLX, palettes can also be recorded using syntax, along with opening the Palettes window during the command, rather than before. Set up the fixtures as required and then type one of the following commands:

Record Colour 2 0 Enter

Record Colour 20

This records Colour palette 20.

Record Colour touch the required palette

This records whichever colour palette you touch on the touch screen. You do not need to press the “colour” button if the colour window is already displayed.

To record the data as a different kind of palette, simply replace Colour with Beam, Shape, Position or Effect .

Snapshot Palette

When programming palettes, you usually will want to just store the relevant parameters into their parent attribute. So for example, Red, Green and Blue levels into a colour palette.

However, you can snapshot the current lighting state on stage, and record all parameters of all fixtures into a single palette. To do this, hold Shift and tap Record, and then tap any empty palette from any attribute.

You will notice this palette is annotated "ICBSPE", meaning Intensity, Colour, Beam, Shape and Position is stored.

On FLX, you could therefore use the following syntax:

Shift + Record Colour 1 5 Enter

Record All Colour 15

Snapshots the current lighting state and records it into colour palette 15.