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Using Palettes

When using palettes, only the selected fixtures will move to the values stored within that palette. This means you can have a single palette of everything red, but then only select a small number of fixtures to actually go red.

To use a palette, first select a fixture or group of fixtures. Then, simply choose a palette on the internal touchscreen. The fixture(s) will change to the colour they were in when the palette was stored.

If any of the selected fixtures are not actually programmed in the applied palette, but there are one or more fixtures of the same type that are programmed, the fixture will use the values programmed for the first fixture of the same type.

FLX users can type the following command:

Colour 2 0 Enter

Colour 20,

This applies Colour Palette 20 to the currently selected fixtures.

1 8 Thru 2 3 Colour 2 9 Enter

18 Thru 23, Colour 29,

This applies Colour Palette 29 to fixtures 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23.