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Each attribute (Colour, Beam, Shape, Position and Effect) has 240 palettes on FLX, 96 palettes on FLX S48 and 48 palettes on FLX S24.

A palette stores all the values of a fixture (or group of fixtures) required to create a particular effect on stage. For example, a palette can be stored for the colour Red which details the values required for each fixture to create a red colour. Likewise a palette can be stored for a position on the stage, with the relevant Pan & Tilt information for each fixture in the rig. Palettes can quickly recall parameter settings that are used regularly, such as a range of colours for LED fixtures, or a range of positions for moving lights. ZerOS can automatically create palettes if required.

Palette Windows

Each attribute has its own palette window. This is opened automatically when you press the appropriate attribute button - Colour , Beam, Shape , Position or Effect. These are physical buttons on FLX to the left of the internal touchscreen, and "tabs" on FLX S which open along the top of the touchscreen.

The palette window contains palette "tiles" with 5 in a row, for each of the palettes, containing a palette number and a name. 

Flx S Attribute Tabs

On FLX S, the attribute "tabs" will only be visible along the top of the touchscreen if the currently selected fixtures support that specific attribute. Depending on the number of attributes your fixture has, these tabs will scroll to give you access to all fixture controls.

Flx Palettes Desktop

On FLX and FLX S48, palettes can also be displayed on the external monitor by pressing “CBSP” in the bottom right corner of the external monitor.