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Available Channels

On all ZerOS consoles, including FLX, FLX S24 & FLX S48, ZerOS allows fixtures to be patched across 64 universes without wasting unused channels. Any two of these universes can be sent out over the two DMX outputs. The total number of used channels across the 64 universes must not exceed the number of universes your console is licensed to output. All 64 universes can be distributed over an Ethernet network using either “Art-Net”, “Streaming ACN” or “CITP”. 

Flx Front Rgb

FLX supports 2048 DMX channels as standard or can be upgraded in 512 channel blocks to control up to 8192 DMX channels.

Flx S Group White Background 600px

FLX S support 512 DMX channels as standard or can be upgraded to control up to 1024 DMX channels.