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Fixture Schedule

Edit DMX Address

Fixture Schedule

The Address column allows you to configure the DMX settings for your fixtures. This includes changing, removing, and adding DMX addresses. The DMX start address of each fixture will be displayed in this column, in the format x/y, where x is the universe number, and y is the address number. If a fixture does not currently have a DMX start address, the cell will be left blank.

Edit Dmx Address


When you touch a single fixture's cell, the Edit DMX Address window will be displayed. This allows you to change the DMX address of the fixture. If you click the Address button at the top of the Fixture Schedule, the Edit DMX Address window will be displayed, allowing you to readdress all of the currently selected fixtures. The DMX address you enter will be given to the first selected fixture, and the next fixture will then be given the next available DMX address after the first fixture's footprint.

You can configure which Universe a fixture is patched onto, by clicking on the Universe button top left of the window, and typing the universe. If you leave the DMX address field blank, just the universe will be changed, with the existing DMX address retained.


If you choose to readdress the fixture to an address that overlaps with other fixtures, you will receive a warning. This message will give the option to Cancel, allowing you to give the fixture you are addressing a different address, or you can choose Patch Anyway. Patch Anyway will give your fixture the address you defined, however leave the fixtures that were using those addresses unpatched, with no DMX address.


In this window you can also unpatch the fixture using the Unpatch button. A confirmation popup window will be displayed. Select the Yes button to confirm the operation. Unpatching a fixture removes that fixture’s information from the DMX output, effectively disabling that fixture. However, the information is not removed from the showfile. Going back into Edit DMX Address and adding back in the DMX start address for that fixture will get it back up and running. This is useful when touring, where one venue may have more fixtures than another venue.

Add As Additional

Using the “Add as additional address” button instead of simply “OK”, it is possible to patch a fixture, or range of fixtures, to more than one DMX address in one or more universes. These additional patch addresses are known as duplicates. When duplicates are patched, additional rows are added to the Fixture Schedule table (one row per duplicate address). To change or remove a duplicate, select the Address cell and choose “Unpatch”.