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ZerOS Library

ZerOS includes the ZerOS Library. This is a library that contains information for over 30,000 fixtures, including how they work, what parameters they have, what their default values are.

ZerOS Library doesn't just include a library of fixtures. ZerOS Library includes the following data:

  • Fixture Library
  • Automatic Effect Palettes
  • Effect Waveforms
  • Art-Net OEM Codes
  • Filter Libraries
  • Mood Boards by LEE Filters
  • Additive Colour Emitters

ZerOS Library is regularly updated. The latest version of the library can be downloaded from

To find the library version currently on your console, tap Z -> System Information

If you are not running the latest version of the library, download it from the website, and copy the library file (.zlbr format) to the root of a USB stick. Then plug the USB stick into your console, tap Setup -> Load and choose the new library file.

Once you are running the latest version of the ZerOS Library, you can then add fixtures to your console, by tapping Setup -> Add Fixtures