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Phantom ZerOS

Phantom ZerOS is free software to download for Windows 10 PCs, that can emulate any ZerOS console. Show files can be loaded, edited, saved, and transferred to “real” consoles, useful to setup your show, or make slight changes while you’re not at the console.

Phantom ZerOS can also be used as a PC-based lighting controller when unlocked with a Phantom ZerOS Unlock Dongle. The Unlock Dongle allows Phantom ZerOS to output DMX over Ethernet or over USB. ZerOS WINGs can be connected to the PC running unlocked Phantom ZerOS, for hands on faders.


After installing Phantom ZerOS, upon opening Phantom ZerOS, you will be presented with the launcher. This is where you can use the "Desk" drop down to choose the Desk Type you wish Phantom to run as.


The Phantom Settings allow you to define the "Local Drive". This is the file location Phantom will be able to access to load and save files to.

Phantom will also be able to access other media, such as USB sticks and disk drives.

When configured, press "GO", to boot your Phantom console.


Use the Launcher tick boxes, to open the windows you need. The image above is a common layout to use with Phantom.

Note how the Monitor 1 window is the full left hand side of the screen - the quick way to do this is open the Monitor 1 window by clicking "Show Monitor 1" in the Launcher, and then hold the Windows Key and press the left arrow key, to snap it to the left hand side of your screen.

The "LCD" emulates the internal touchscreen.

You can now operate Phantom as you would the console it is emulating.